Celiac Disease Causes

Celiac disease is known for attacking the small intestine. It can easily damage the digestive track if left unchecked.  This can lead to mal-absorption of minerals, vitamins, and other body nutrients.  The damages usually occur when the individual consumes more of gluten-rich foods such as bread, wheat, rye, barley, pizza, pasta and so on. There have been several speculations on celiac disease causes.  This has been a subject of study in various circles.  The exact cause of the disease is not well known. However, some scientific speculations have been made.  Most scientists and medical... Read More

Unacceptable Foods for People with Celiac Disease

Studies show that as many as 1 in 22 people suffer from Celiac disease, a statistic some researchers believe has more than tripled in the last decade alone.  Celiac disease can make eating a difficult task, a task that can end with unintentionally devastating results if the sufferer is not aware of the foods that can trigger problems within his or her body.   Because the number of people now suffering from Celiac disease is greater than ever before, the understanding of the need for awareness of gluten containing foods is also greater than ever.  Many food manufacturers today are choosing... Read More