Recipes for Celiac Disease

Celiac diets are usually   recommended for individuals suffering from the celiac disease.  This is actually one of the easiest ways of treating the symptoms that come with the condition.    Most doctors that handle the disease recommend special celiac diets to the patients suffering from the disease.  In most cases, special celiac recipes are recommended for the victims. Actually, the celiac recipes refer to various   methods of preparing gluten-free diets.  Gluten is a protein found in various food items such as pizzas, bread, crackers and other fast foods. It’s also found in... Read More

Gluten-Free Beer for Celiac Disease

There are a number of different approaches to testing for Celiac disease, and generally speaking, a combination of methods will be utilized in screening, testing, and confirming whether or not you have Celiac disease. The most commonly used first approach to determining whether or not you have Celiac disease is a called a serological screening method, or a Celiac Screen. In this process, fluid from the body, usually blood, is taken from the individual suspected of having Celiac disease after the subject has been administered a large dose of gluten. The large dose of gluten will ensure... Read More

Vitamins for Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a disease in which the afflicted generally suffers from a host of digestive issues, including malnutrition. Proper nutrition can be a real challenge when you have Celiac disease, but thanks to a host of gluten-free products and recipes on the market today, many individuals with the disease are finding ways to maintain a healthy and well-balance lifestyle. Malnutrition is often misunderstood to be the result of not receiving enough nutrients. The truth however, is that one can receive plenty of nutrients and still be malnourished. Malnutrition comes as a result of not... Read More