Celiac Disease and Constipation

The people who are suffering from the celiac disease might experience the cluster of symptoms, which are very common in general population & thus can be dismissed and misdiagnosed easily. The abdominal pain, loose stools, bloating, or constipation are the classic signs of the celiac disease. However, not all the symptoms of CD disease are gastrointestinal. Some other signs comprise of canker sores, joint pain, rash, or skin lesions, loss of the tooth enamel, delayed puberty, anemia, arthritis, short stature, depression, epilepsy, osteoporosis & fertility problems. It is likely to have... Read More

Celiac Disease and Infertility

’There is the evidence that the undiagnosed maternal CD has the negative effect on the intrauterine growth & birth weight, also is linked with the increased preterm birth & caesarean section rates.   Outcome for a baby The maternal undiagnosed CD is linked with the poorer outcome for baby. The cohort study found babies of the people with the untreated coeliac disease have lower birth weights than the babies of control group. These outcomes weren’t observed in the newborns of the treated patients.  Data recommends that the treatment with gluten free diet is very important to... Read More

Celiac Disease and Antibodies

Celiac disease, the intolerance of gluten, can rake havoc on your entire body.  Celiac disease can be hard to detect, so doctors are constantly looking for new tools to aid them in the detection and diagnosis of the disease.   Many individuals with Celiac disease experience issues of the lymphatic system, such as swollen lymph nodes.  The swelling of the lymph nodes can be the result of harmful bacteria, or even cancer-causing cells.  In the sufferer of Celiac disease, these harmful bacteria may be the result of gluten intake, and may help in diagnosing the condition of Celiac disease.... Read More

Celiac Disease’s Effects on Lymph Nodes

Celiac disease, a condition of an intolerance to gluten – a product of wheat and rye  – is a worsening condition within the United States and North America.  Some studies suggest that nearly 3.5% of the population within North America suffers from this gluten-intolerance.   Celiac Lymph Nodes are a series of nodes that are located along the walls of the Celiac artery.  These nodes are utilized for the drainage of Lymph.  Lymph is a fluid which carries and deposits proteins back into circulation within the body via the intestinal lymphatic trunks.   Lymph, in addition to... Read More

Celiac Disease and Diabetes

Two of the greatest health issues of today are Celiac disease and diabetes. Often times, individuals with Celiac disease can end up contracting diabetes. Studies show that nearly 10% of people inflicted with Celiac disease also had type 1 diabetes. Diabetes and Celiac disease have many effects in common, and some research seems to suggest that there may be a common link between the two. Both diseases attack the immune system and wreak havoc on the lymph node system. Because Celiac disease can cause malnutrition and rob various organs and body parts of nutrients vital to their functions,... Read More

Celiac Disease and Pregnancy

Celiac disease can be a complex issue to deal with. Maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle while still living a fun exciting life can be a difficult balance to strike. Even more complex can be balancing your Celiac disease with pregnancy. Many women who suffer from Celiac disease have many questions when they find out they’re pregnant. Most commonly, pregnant women grow concerned about their diet and the effects it will have on the growth and development of their baby. Many women who suffer from Celiac disease believe a gluten-free diet will leave their baby malnourished and struggle... Read More