Celiac Disease Rash

Several symptoms usually accompany celiac disease in the life of any individual who suffers from the condition.  Celiac disease rash is one    of such common symptoms. Most people suffering from the disease normally see the rash on their skins.  In most cases, the rash can be very disturbing and embarrassing. The celiac disease rash is known medically as “Dermatitis herpetiformis”.  It’s an itchy skin rash that can be very dangerous. It’s usually very stinging and blistering.  It mainly occurs when your   skin begins to react to gluten antibodies that circulate in your body... Read More

Celiac Disease Testing

Celiac disease is usually very dangerous since it has continued to defile cure. It’s disease that attacks the small intestine and also leads to several complications in the digestive tract.  Several varying symptoms usually accompany the disease. You may have diarrhea, abdominal pain, depression, anxiety, mouth sores, and so on. The symptoms vary from person to individual. The disease can affect both adults and children. In most cases, children living with the disease do suffer retarded growth. Celiac disease testing is one of   major avenues of dealing with symptoms of the... Read More

Diagnosing Celiac Disease

Your small intestine can be badly damaged when you suffer from celiac disease.  It’s a very dangerous condition that has continued to remain incurable. The actual root of the disease also remains unknown although it’s said to be associated with genetics.  You’re bound to suffer several symptoms when you have the disease.  You may experience diarrhea, loss of appetite, indigestion, mouth sore, stomach pain and other symptoms.  In most cases, the symptoms vary from one individual to the other.  Diagnosing celiac disease can be very helpful since it offers possible solutions to the... Read More

Celiac Blood Test

Celiac disease is currently incurable.  Several researches are currently going on towards   the realization of a possible cure for the disease. The actual cause of the disease is also not well known although there are indications that it’s related to genetics.  Someone who comes from a family known for having the celiac disease can easily develop the disease. Actually, celiac disease affects the digestive tract or the small intestine.   It usually escalates when you take food items rich in gluten.  Such food items with gluten include bread, pasta, cakes, crackers and many other fast... Read More

Celiac Disease Symptoms

Celiac disease is an ugly digestive condition usually caused by excessive consumption of the protein, gluten which is normally seen in various food stuffs such as pasta, bread, pizza crust, barley, cookies and so on.  Individuals suffering from the disease experience damages in their small intestines which may lead to several problems.  The small intestine may fail to absorb certain vital nutrients that speed up the digestive process.  Diarrhea, abdominal pain and stomach upset may occur in the process. Celiac can also be referred to as the disease of the small intestine. It usually leads... Read More

Symptoms of Celiac Disease

The dreaded celiac disease affects the small intestine   when it’s left untreated. It’s a disease of the digestive tract usually triggered by excessive consumption of gluten-rich food items such as barley, cookies, pasta, bread, biscuits and fast foods.  Several symptoms of celiac disease are usually found in the lives of individuals living with the condition. Actually, there are no specific symptoms since they vary from one individual to the other. Before taking a look at the symptoms, it’s important to consider the possible causes of the disease. Actually the root cause of the... Read More