Celiac Disease Causes

Celiac disease is known for attacking the small intestine. It can easily damage the digestive track if left unchecked.  This can lead to mal-absorption of minerals, vitamins, and other body nutrients.  The damages usually occur when the individual consumes more of gluten-rich foods such as bread, wheat, rye, barley, pizza, pasta and so on.

There have been several speculations on celiac disease causes.  This has been a subject of study in various circles.  The exact cause of the disease is not well known. However, some scientific speculations have been made.  Most scientists and medical researchers   are of the opinion that the   disease is a kind of autoimmune disorder that   is based on genetics and environmental factors.  The scientists maintain that the celiac disease condition can be inherited from a family lineage known for suffering the disease.

According to the researches, autoimmune disease is believed to have a link with a person’s genes.  There’s a kind of genes you may have that can easily make you to develop the celiac disease. You may not have the disease until some conditions trigger it.  Some of the potential triggers of the disease include infections, the sun, pregnancy and drugs.  Your immune system can be attacked if your system continues to deteriorate. When your immune system is no longer working, you’re bound to experience lots of ugly health condition.

Meanwhile, celiac disease is said to be common among people who are suffering from Down syndrome, autoimmune thyroid disease, Type 1 diabetes, Microscopic colitis and other conditions.  Such diseases can trigger the occurrence of celiac disease. In most cases, the symptoms of such disease are also found in the lives of people suffering from celiac disease.

It’s true that the actual root cause of celiac disease is not yet known, yet, there are some risk factors that can lead to it.    Let’s examine them.

  • Family history

If celiac disease is found running in a family tree, many individuals from the same family are likely to develop it in the course of their lives. This is why many researchers link the disease with genetics.


  • Environmental factors

There are certain environmental factors that can trigger the celiac disease.  Among them include previous infections of the digestive system, dieting during early childhood, bacterial infections and so on. If such conditions are not treated, they can easily trigger the occurrence of celiac disease.


  • Health condition

Some health conditions are among the potential risk factors of celiac disease.   Among them include Type 1 diabetes, ulcerative colitis, neurological disorders and other conditions. If such health conditions are left untreated, they can trigger the occurrence of celiac disease.


In any case, celiac disease causes still remain very vague. So many speculations have come onboard.   The causes are still being   researched.  The celiac disease can be very dangerous.  It usually leads to a variety of symptoms which also showcase when you have other likely health conditions.    The disease   has no cure since its causes are still to be discovered.  However, doctors   still handle the disease through proper diagnosis.   Blood tests and some other tests are usually engaged in diagnosing the disease.  Gluten-free diet is usually recommended as a remedy to the disease. Doctors may also use certain medications in treating the symptoms.

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