Celiac Disease Rash

Several symptoms usually accompany celiac disease in the life of any individual who suffers from the condition.  Celiac disease rash is one    of such common symptoms. Most people suffering from the disease normally see the rash on their skins.  In most cases, the rash can be very disturbing and embarrassing.

The celiac disease rash is known medically as “Dermatitis herpetiformis”.  It’s an itchy skin rash that can be very dangerous. It’s usually very stinging and blistering.  It mainly occurs when your   skin begins to react to gluten antibodies that circulate in your body systems.  Oftentimes the   condition is also referred to as gluten rash.  It can be very painful when you develop it.

The celiac disease rash can easily develop at part of your body when you suffer from celiac disease.  The area it develops varies from person to person. You may develop the rash on your knees or lower back. You may also develop it around your elbows, buttocks, back of the neck and other parts of your body.  The rash can be quite noticeable in some parts of the body while it can also remain hidden in other parts of your body.  It’s usually known to be very itchy. You may begin to find yourself scratching the affected areas even in public. The pains can be very excruciating.


Celiac disease rash Symptoms

There are several symptoms that accompany the celiac disease rash. In most cases people who develop the rash may have it in the same part of the body every time it showcases.  You keep seeing it around that place on every occasion. This can be very embarrassing. It may even cause you to panic since it can be very itchy.  Sometimes, the rash may appear and disappear.  At other times, it may continue to showcase while you go ahead to scratch the area continuously.

Sometimes, your skin may begin to itch even before the rash actually comes up.  It will be as if you’re burning.  The rash will then show up as time goes on.  It can be in the form of red skin with multiple small bumps.  Sometimes, it can be like pimples which may also contain some   ugly secretions or liquid.

The skin rash may take several days before it can actually start healing.  Sometimes, new bumps will appear   around the already existing rash. It can get healed but it will still leave some purple marks behind. Such marks will stay for several weeks or even months before they can disappear.  If you’re having such a skin rash for a very long time, you’re likely to develop red skin on the affected areas.


Who gets the celiac disease rash?

The celiac disease rash is mainly common in men although some women living with celiac disease may also develop it.  Children who are suffering from celiac disease don’t usually have skin rash. They mainly suffer retarded growth.  The skin rash mainly appears on teens or adults who are mainly males.  Sometimes the rash will come and go even when you eat gluten-rich diet.


Diagnosis and Treatment

The celiac disease rash is usually diagnosed through a thorough skin biopsy.  This procedure usually searches for the various deposits of antibodies under the skin.  In most cases, the diagnosis is carried out by a well trained dermatologist. He or she may take a small sample of your skin for the diagnosis.  If you’re diagnosed of having the rash, it can be a clear sign that you’re having the celiac disease.

To treat the celiac disease rash, proper medications are usually recommended.  A medication known as “dapsone” can be used in   treating the condition.  The dermatologist will also   recommend you eat gluten-free diet in order to deal with the rash effectively.

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